Leather 3D WallPanels

Leather WallPanels add character and style to a wide range of wall, headboard and ceiling applications. Creative design options combined with WallDeco unparalleled collection of leather styles and colors, offer endless design opportunities.

With more than 1000 standard color ways in 70 styles, the leather wall panels offer a refined alternative to vertical surfacing. The panels can be accented with thread colors and stitch details, perforated or woven leather choices and will enhance and elevate any interior space. The leather panels can be accented with colored threads and various stitch details. Quilted patterns (shown), literature pockets, fluted details and button tufting offer other styling options.



Product Features:

  • Material: PU Leather
  • Size: 40cm x 40cm
  • Advantages: Easy install & maintain / water & fire resistance / 3D visual effect and sound proof / life span over 8 years etc.

A new concept in interior wall decoration which adds to current pursuit of enhancing flat walls with 3D surfaces that are visually rich and pleasant to the eye. Combining the touch and feel of European Old World leather carving techniques with modern product design and development, the result is the production of embossed sculpted tiles in rich leather colors.

The tiles are made of what is know as “PU” Leather, which is a faux leather, a layer of water proof polyurethane applied to the surface, a layer of PU Leather, a third layer of Polyurethane foam to create the 3D effect, all mounted on a fire proofing PVC board and then embossed. PU Leather was originally made for the shoe industry for glossy shoes and recently was adopted by the furniture industry in the manufacturing of furniture. The resulting product has a leather look and feel as well as a consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain. PU Leather tiles are fire resistant, water proof, easy to clean with a damp cloth.

PU Leather tiles are made with a thick layer of polyurethane foam mounted on a PVC board, covered with one layer of PU leather and a water proof layer of polyurethane film. Polyurethane foam is an excellent sound absorber because it contains a cellular structure that converts sound energy into heat. Our 3D PU Leather Tiles are made with a sound-absorbing foam in various sculptured designs created through embossing that effectively trap reflected sound. Our tiles are 4 to 6 times more effective in sound absorption than fabric covered walls. If your restaurant or public space has become a bit too loud with dissonant chatter and pounding music is being amplified with the surrounding hard surfaces, our 3D polyurethane foam filled tiles will help you to effectively control high noise levels. Add to this the easiness of installation which does not require professionals to install, you can easily sound proof any room within one day.

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