About Us

About Us

CHUVIE DECOR is willing, able and capable of undertaking the contract of product 


supply at timely requests and order as relegated and agreed by both parties in accordance with 


provisions stipulated. With our widespread product line, we keep updates to the upcoming 


infusion with the demands of the market. Agreeable and flexible price lists suited with both 


parties linking our agreements and conformity with the rules.  


CHUVIE INTERIOR DECOR is a full service interior design company located in the heart of 


Lagos, since 2009. We specialize in both residential and commercial designs, because we are a 


small design firm, we are extremely flexible and nimble. We have relationships with craftsmen 


and subcontractors whom we work with as a team on a regular basis so you can be assured 


that your project is completed with the highest standards. Or, if you prefer, you can hire your 


own contractors. 


2. PRODUCT LINE: Our product line includes but Wallpapers (hotel, home or office deco), 


3D wall panel, Alcohol, Window Blinds and Laminate Flooring (Including Installations of 


all these products).




We are working only with the best manufacturers of raw material for wallpapers from 


Europe and Russia that provides the highest quality of our production. For today the 


following kinds of wallpapers are made: goffered, washing, duplex, acryl, vinyl 


wallpapers, and wallpapers on fleece basis and of hot stamping. There are 1200 designs 


in various colorings in our assortment, which is renewed constantly. Every roll is packed 


by the European standards into polyethylene, bag or cardboard-goffered boxes for 9, 10, 


15, 16, 20 rolls depending on the article. Also our company makes polygraphed products 


by modern equipment - labels, borders for wallpapers, booklets, covers


Nowadays the factory collaborates with many world-famous suppliers of raw material. 


We supply not only Ukraine and Germany, but all parts of CIS and many countries of 


Europe with goods.


There is a wide region dealer net, due to which our partners from Dnipropetrovs’k, Kyiv, 


Lugansk, Khmelnitsky, and Kharkov supply practically every region of our country with 


wallpapers. There is a net in Europe and CIS analogous to this, in which our partners 


from Moscow, Rostov-ON-Don, Yekaterinburg, Minsk, Kishinev, Kaunas and many other 


cities supply a purchaser with the latest novelties very quickly, qualitatively and reliably. 


The conditions of work allow increasing strongly both volumes of manufacture and 


selling of ready goods, not looking at an increasing competition of the western and 


domestic manufacturers. 


Our expertise includes both measurement of area in question for dressing the wallpaper 


coverings, layering of the wallpapers and designing as well. We have professional that 


perfected the art of layering from Ukraine as well as adhesives for finishing.


Wallpaper coverings come in different sizes, textures, artwork and final finishing 


depending on the customers preferences. However, these are few of the options 


available with pictorials below:


Measurements of rolls: Each rolls is about 5.3sqm by 1 (=N=7,500.00), 7sqm by 


1(=N=9500), 10.6sqm by 1(=N=14,000.00).






In conclusion we would be obliged to offer you our services for a welcome satisfaction and referrals as 


well. We have been involved with similar companies across Nigeria, Protea hotels, Chrams hotel, Chisco 


groups of hotels, Sushi Lounge, Ziggies Gbagada, Bannex Hotels, IMO STATE GOVERNORS RESIDENCE  


etc. We are capable of giving you satisfactorily correlation and ambience of your guests at the hotel 


which will in turn give referrals.