Make your home or office the new hot spot with these alluring Lava design panels. The alternating thick and thin layers create a captivating design that will provide an understated yet confident addition to your home’s ambiance. 

These Lava layers will be sure to warm up the conversation with your clients or loved ones, leaving them impressed with your exquisite taste. 

 panels are great solutions to ugly, stubborn problematic wall, door or any surface that needs covering. Our panels are also applicable if our customers simply want to add texture and shape to a room or a surface. 3D panel, often described as 3D wallpaper, once installed, can be left as is or can be painted. Our panels can be easily removed, which makes them a great solution for renters, via temporarily installation with double-sided tape or permanent installation with wallpaper paste or glue. Texturedsurface can be used in both commercial and residential interiors or exterior and because of their difference they usual transmit a nice futuristic look.

Features and Advantages

1.   Suitable for Interior and exterior use and around Fireplace.  

2.   1005 Eco-Friendly 

3.   Surface is rock hard. 

4.   Rigid with Cushioning hardness-Dent Proof 

5.   Superior High impact resistance up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic. 

6.   Excellent fireproof property. 

7.   Zero Sharp Edges-Kids safe 

8.   Enhanced Durability  

9.   Excellent flame and fire retardant properties. 

10.    Perfect application around fireplace. 

11.    Excellent water- repellant, waterproof, moisture proof. 

12.    Anti-fungal, Anti-bacteria and resistance to water. 

13.    High resistance to most chemicals  

14.    No mutation to heat, cold, freeze and defrost. 

15.    Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance 

16.    Perfect cold resistance performance 

17.    Easy and simple installation with uniform edges. 

18.    Quick installation System.  

19.    Simple Integration 

20.    Save on labor cost. 

21.    Excellent Soundproof qualities. Sound absorbent- noise absorption 

22.    Good thermal insulation and anti-humidity qualities  

23.    Custom color available (min 10000sqft) 

24.    Super Light weight 

25.    Requires minimum maintenance. 

26.    Fashionable modern design 

27.    100% Non-porous and non-absorbent decorative panels 

28.    Not permeable. 

29.    Zero Maintenance-Apply anti static spay so dust will never stick on panels 

30.    Excellent fine and smooth surface. 

31.    DIY (Recombine and rearrange panels into different designs 

33.    Long life span to 15-20 years

34.    Easy to clean (just with a piece of wet cloth) 

35.    Paintable surface 

36.    Anti-Tarnish 

37.    Anti-aging 

38.    Anti edge wrapping 

39.    Highly Durable.

40.    Zero formaldehyde emission. 

41.    innoxious and harmless. 

42.      Peel & stick is for temporary installation - such as for renters 

43.      mould and pest resistant. 

44.      Non-corrosive, 

45.      alkaline and acid resistant 

46.      Formaldehyde-free 

47.      Smoke-Proof 

48.      Slightly flexible, it can be bent 

49.      Painted surface and paintable:  

50.      Easy to Cut :
Panels can be cut with plastic-cutting blade.  

51.      Unlimited Creativity.

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